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Isabelle harada "Work / W=Fd"

JULY 6, 2016

Two exhibits opening at Bergamot Station this weekend will take a close look at handicrafts traditionally done by women and recast them into a feminist narrative.  - DEBORAH STAMBLER




Artist Grant


MAY 10, 2016

Artist Mary Beth Heffernan has received the first PAC/LA Contemporary Artist Grant to conduct research in and create artwork for the Huntington Library. In the footsteps of those like Caponigro, Divola, Hockney, and many others, the $10,000 grant asks the artist to engage with the largely photographic collection as part of their process. Due to her interest in a process oriented practice and the intersectionality of time and the body, Heffernan was selected by Jennifer Watts for her conceptual cohesion with the library's curatorial focus.

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Bergamot Expose

MAY 21, 2016

Join us and the City of Santa Monica for an open house on Saturday, May 21st as we celebrate the opening of the Expo. Now’s the perfect time to take the train to visit us at Bergamot Station! 

The Metro is offering FREE train rides the entire opening weekend. The City of Santa Monica is offering FREE Big Blue Bus rides and bike sharing as well! Parking is LIMITED at Bergamot Station, so this is a perfect chance to take advantage of our city's new public transportation system!


Women Manifest


MARCH 14 - APRIL 6, 2016

Ceramic installation by Elizabeth Orleans will be on view at the West Hollywood Library as part of Women's History Month. The exhibition, curated by Brooke Mason also includes work by Jana Cruder, Carolyn Doucette, Lola Del Fresno, Micky Hoogendijk, Nicole Landau and Fend Ling. 




JANUARY 29 - 31, 2016

Arturo Bandini's first art fair opens this Friday, January 29th. Our friend and artist, Arden Surdam, will be hosting an open studio in conjunction. We encourage you all to stop by.

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Art Ltd.


JAN / FEB 2016

Alia Malley’s recent show of photographic works titled “Captains of the Dead Sea” plays havoc with those expectations, to create a sort of dual universe straddling fact and fiction. On the surface,they determinedly appear to depict forlorn extraterrestrial vistas such as the surface of Mars, or views peering out of space capsules, in a range of formats that would seem familiar to any NASA enthusiast. - GEORGE MELROD


Photo L.A. Panel Discussion

Mary Beth Heffernan

JANUARY 23, 2016

ALT Process, Artists Working in Alternative Practices

Virginia Heckert, Photographs Curator and Department Head at the J. Paul Getty Museum and curator of last year’s Light, Paper, Process: Reinventing Photography exhibition, will moderate a panel of artists who have embraced alternative processes in their work. 



Artillery Magazine

ALIA MALLEY "Captains of the Dead Sea"

JANUARY 5, 2016

In his essay “The Ontology of the Photographic Image,” film theorist André Bazin observed that image-making was “no longer a question of survival after death, but of a larger concept, the creation of an ideal world in the likeness of the real, with its own temporal destiny.” Under the lens of this 70-year old phrase, telescoped layers of meaning unroll panoramically from “Captains of the Dead Sea,” Alia Malley’s exhibition of Southwestern desert photographs that masquerade as aged snapshots from other planets and collectively imply a fabricated narrative of early space exploration. - ANNABEL OSBERG

Gallery Talk

Karley Sullivan

JANUARY 9, 2016 : 11:30 am

Please join us for a gallery talk with artist, Karley Sullivan, as she discusses her project, Saturn's Satellites - an installation of 53 scratchboards currently featured in our group exhibition, Gravity. Karley Sullivan received her BFA in Drawing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN and is an MFA candidate in Photography and Media at CalArts (2015). Raised in and out of a commune in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the artist currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


Holiday Open House


DECEMBER 12, 2015 : noon - 4 pm

Please join over 30 galleries at Bergamot Station Arts Complex in celebrating the Holiday Season. Featuring live music, free portrait paintings, festive food, holiday drinks and plenty of art.
Sloan Projects is pleased to feature the ceramics of local artist Elizabeth Orleans in our afternoon pop-up boutique.

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Artist + Astronomer


NOVEMBER 14, 2015

In conjunction with our current exhibition Alia Malley : Captains of the Dead Sea, we are delighted to invite you to a conversation that brings together two different perspectives about outer space and representation; that of the artist and that of the astronomer.

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ALIA MALLEY "Captains of the Dead Sea"

OCTOBER 26, 2015

Alia Malley has had a long photographic interest in exploring California landscape with unique considerations. Her previous projects, Southland and A Cavalier in Sight of a Village, examined the terrain of Southern California and reconsidered landscape through historical narratives and artistic references. At the heart of her work, Alia is a storyteller, creating work that feels cinematic and feels at once familiar and yet, unseen. Her new project, Captains of the Dead Sea, an exhibition of photo-based works on paper, just opened at Sloan Projects at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. - ALINE SMITHSON

Fabrik Magazine

Alia Malley "Captains of the Dead Sea"

OCTOBER 21, 2015

A convincing journey through deep space and across the stark terrain of distant planets, the images that comprise Captains read like media artifacts from an authentic space chronicle yet were primarily shot on location in desert settings of California and the Southwest.  - FABRIK


Los Angeles Times

Mary Beth Heffernan "Blue"

SEPTEMBER 27, 2015

In "Blue," her mesmerizing series of cyanotype photograms at Sloan Projects in Santa Monica, a man's suit and a woman's dress are the skins in play. These spectral garments are surrogate souls, characters in a dance both intimate and emblematic. - LEAH OLLMAN


Heffernan Blue 6.jpg


Mary Beth Heffernan "Blue"

SEPTEMBER 26, 2015

Mary Beth Heffernan is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work explores the intersection between representation and physicality. She is Associate Professor of Sculpture, Photography and Interdisciplinary Art at Occidental College. Heffernan earned her BFA at Boston University in 1987, graduating Magna Cum Laude and awarded the Kahn Career Entry Award. She earned her MFA in the Photography Program at California Institute of the Arts in 1994 and appointed Fellow in the Studio program at the Whitney Independent Study Program 1994-95. -ALINE SMITHSON

San Francisco Chronicle


SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

This idea was hatched by one person who had not only the imagination to do it, but also the perseverance and force. At the end of the movie, Shlain said that the woman was in the audience. She asked her to rise ... and it was the woman next to me. Mary Beth Heffernan, artist and associate professor of art at Occidental College, got huge applause and a standing ovation. - LEAH GARCHIK


Fabrik Magazine

Mary Beth Heffernan "Blue"

AUGUST 28, 2015

The expressive movement essential to Blue comes in part from the grand gestures made by the artist during the production of her work, as well as the performative dynamic between the figures depicted. The skeletal man’s suit and the nebulous dress not only coexist on the paper, they embrace one another, entwine until inseparable, then seem to pass through one another and also break apart. This rhapsody of forms immortalizes a sensual, haunting and complex relationship between two entities, which we witness from the perspective of their mutual absence. - FABRIK


Outdoor Film Screening

Anita o'day: the life of a  jazz singer

AUGUST 15, 2015

The Jezebel of Jazz lived a life as hot as her phrasing was cool. Doctors declared her dead after a heroin overdose, but she survived and kept testifying in song for 40 more years, until her death at 87. This superb 2007 doc has all the highs and lows recalled by the star with salty, unapologetic clarity. - TIME

Join us at 8:30 pm Saturday August 15th for an outdoor screening of Robbie Cavolina's award winning documentary, followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers.

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Review: Dust of sunlight

JULY 8, 2015

Mostly created as Cervenka traveled the U.S. as a touring musician, the journals offer a bittersweet glance at what musicologist Harry Smith referred to as 'the old weird America'. The pages of the four journals on view have been turned each day throughout the exhibition. - JURI KOLL


Exene cervenka and kristine mckenna in conversation

JUNE 24, 2015

As a founding member of seminal Los Angeles punk band X, Exene Cervenka has had a major influence on LA’s cultural landscape since the late 1970s. She is also an accomplished poet and visual artist, and her current show at Sloan Projects, The Dust of Sunlight, collects over forty years of her journals and collages. This Saturday, the gallery hosts a poetry reading followed by a discussion between Cervenka and Kristine McKenna, a critic and curator who was one of the first journalists to chronicle the early LA punk scene. - MATT STROMBERG

LA Weekly

Dust of sunlight Listed with the best of free la art parties

JUNE 5, 2015

"The Dust of Sunlight: Exene Cervenka: Journals & Collages 1974-2015" is this iconic punk queen’s first gallery exhibition in almost a decade. Known for her pioneering work and the enduring influence of X — the seminal L.A. band she fronted, in a role she periodically reprises — Cervenka is also anaccomplished and prolific writer and visual artist. Her wild style and profound thinking have combined in the publication of two books and countless journals and colorful, difficult, mesmerizing works of mixed media assemblage, collage, drawing and painting. - SHANA NYS DAMBROT




JUNE 4, 2o15

LISTEN: Inside the mind and journals of Exene Cervenka

Art Ltd.


MAY 4, 2015

The seeming dichotomy between the two series on view in the promising inaugural exhibition at Sloan Projects—three large-scale paintings by Claudia Parducci paired with a series of intimately scaled collaged photographs by Melinda Gibson—may have more in common than first glance might suggest. Though culled from disparate sources, each artist tackles iconic imagery in order to reassess the weight they typically wield. -MOLLY ENHOLM 

Artillery Mag

Recent Press | Pick of the Week

MARCH 22,2015

Claudia Parducci + Melinda Gibson in Artillery Mag.

18th St. Arts Center

Perfect Strangers Art & Performance Festival

MARCH 19. 2015

18th Street Arts Center Artist Lab Resident Amir H. Fallah presents Perfect Strangers Art & Performance Festival, an afternoon-long series of art and music interventions at Bergamot Station on Saturday, March 21 from 1-4 pm, featuring emerging artists and artist-musicians from throughout Los Angeles.