30 minutes, 20 days, 34° 3’8” N, 118° 14’34” W

I set up an experiment using simple materials – sunlight, water and light-sensitive Cyanotype paper.  I hoped to gather evidence of the earth’s movement in space, its rotation on its axis and its revolution around the sun.  Every day, in exactly the same location, for twenty days (June 26 – July 15) at 4 P.M. PST, I exposed a piece of Cyanotype paper to sunlight for 30 minutes.  The sunlight passed through a circle cut from the center of a piece of black paper.  The paper rested on a sheet of glass that was elevated approximately 6” off the ground on blocks of wood.  As the earth rotated on its axis and the minutes passed, the circle of sunlight moved, creating a long oval shape on the paper.  As the days passed and the earth moved along in its revolution around the sun, the oval shape gradually moved diagonally across the pages, appearing first in a lower corner and ultimately disappearing from the opposite side.