Saturn's Moons

Saturn, also known as Chronos, is a key to pondering gravitas: push/pull, irrevocable forces to be reckoned with, those that move slowly, inexorably -  like thunder rolling or a shadeless beating sun and its thirstings. Saturn is the devourer at this ceaseless though still scarce feast of time. He takes time, our time, in order to produce expansion through pressure.

The planet Saturn has a gravity of only 107% of ours; although much larger than Earth, its celestial body is made of gases and ringed with sparkling detritus and ice. It spins 62 satellites round tearing cyclically through the naked-to-the-eye invisibilia of space and time. There are 53 named moons making that endless circuit and each of them are represented here.  I tried to imagine diligence and the value of individual subjectivities while carving each one into the surface of its matrix.

I was drawn to scratchboard due to its tactile quality - each panel is coated in a layer of chalk, then india ink, and scratched into with a stylus. Some of the obscure moons have never been photographed; in these cases I used googled images of asteroids, diagrams, or space to represent the unseen satellites. It was important that the artist’s hand be present - and for the mark-marking and methodology to reflect upon meditational labor, as well as the potential for slippage present in systems of knowledge. Saturn’s Moons is a selection from my project Mooning. Scratch which touches on each named moon of our solar system in this same manner.